Emily Ratajkowski Called This Plumping Skin Serum ‘Delicious’
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Emily Ratajkowski Called This Plumping Skin Serum ‘Delicious’

In 2020, the model and author Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram to show off her revamped quarantine skincare routine that she said helped fix her “freaked out” skin. Among the many products included was Dr. Loretta’s Intense Replenishing Serum.

During her IG explanation, she called the plumping serum “delicious.” A high accolade for something that’s not edible.

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But, when you check out all that this tiny pink serum can do, you’ll understand why it’s getting such praise. I mean, it hydrates, plumps and brings a dewy glow to your skin all at once—now that’s a trifecta if I’ve ever seen one.

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Designed to protect your skin from all of the icky pollutants that penetrate it each day, the replenishing serum shields your face from UV rays and other harmful aggressors that it usually comes in contact with. Think of it as a pair of stylish sunglasses for your skin. But, instead of leaving your skin looking dull and pasty, as sunscreens and other pollution protectors so often do, this one uses vitamins and oils to keep it glowing.

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Vitamin F is the star of this serum’s show. It prevents your skin from losing water while other antioxidants and skin lipids work to replenish moisture and bounce to the areas applied.

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