Everything We Know About Tesla's Cybertruck Design
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Everything We Know About Tesla’s Cybertruck Design

Tesla’s Cybertruck is one of the most polarizing vehicle designs to make a big appearance in decades. In fact, you could state it’s driving a wedge between the different groups of the automobile industry. A few people think it looks fierce, aggressive and rugged like some sort of electric, dystopian Matrix bro-dozer. Others think it appear something that Ikea may offer as its first flat-pack vehicle.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Design

We know that the Tesla’s Cybertruck got a thick, unfinished stainless steel body. Stainless steel looks cool, but could present several problems. The material is tough and resistant to corrosion, but it’s also difficult to repair and almost impossible to paint. Elon Musk claims that the body of the Cybertruck is capable of withstanding sledgehammers and certain types of small-arms fire. It’ll need some mirrors, too, as Musk whacking a traffic pylon on the road seemed to highlight visibility issues.

Tesla's Cybertruck Design

The truck’s dimensions put it in line with other full-size trucks on sale today such as the Ford F-150, Ram 1500 and Silverado 1500. The Cybertruck is 231.7 inches long, 79.8 inches wide and 75 inches tall, with seating for six adults. Off-road performance looks decent too, with a 35-degree approach angle, a 28-degree departure angle and up to 16 inches of ground clearance.

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The truck’s body size may cause headaches for future owners, though. An augmented-reality app showed the Cybertruck will likely have a tough time squeezing into typical US garages. It’s not really a problem unique to the Cybertruck, but nevertheless, the electric pickup will need a big space. Perhaps a Cybunker will be of interest to house the pickup. Yes, the Cybertruck is getting a companion housing unit, supposedly ready for construction sometime next year.

While the Cybertruck’s body may look like it would slice through the air with all the efficiency of a piece of farm equipment, it may not be that aerodynamically inefficient, according to some computer modeling done by an independent aerospace engineer. Naturally, Musk piled onto that claim with more hype, saying that the Cybertruck could have a coefficient of drag of around 0.30 — around the same as a Ford Focus ST and much better than most trucks. The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500, for example, claims a drag coefficient of 0.38 and while that 0.08 difference doesn’t seem like a lot, it is. It’s unclear how dramatically adding an actual windshield wiper would affect that 0.30 figure.

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The Cybertruck has a traditional truck bed with some extra features that are both cool and likely very functional. The Cybertruck’s bed comes with a sliding, metal tonneau cover that’s lockable which make the cargo area much more secure than an open bed. It also features a built-in ramp and multiple charging outlets for things like electric ATVs. Tesla claims a payload capacity of 3,500 pounds, which puts it ahead of Ford’s best-specced F-150.

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Tesla's Cybertruck Design

The Cybertruck may not be classified a light-duty pickup truck. According to the documents Tesla filed in California in December says that the pickup will “likely” boast medium-duty truck specs. That would make the Cybertruck an F-250 competitor, which far outpaces the Tesla’s pickup. It also may explain why the Cybertruck walked an F-150 away in a tug-of-war match up.

Tesla's Cybertruck Design

Like the Model 3, the Cybertruck has a large, centrally mounted touchscreen. It’s also sporting a not-at-all-wheel-like steering wheel, something we’d be shocked to see make it through to production.

Tesla's Cybertruck Design

Finally, Musk has claimed that the Cybertruck will be available with built-in solar charging. The system, he says, will be able to add between 15 and 40 miles of range depending on conditions, but he declined to state whether the system will be included with the truck, or available as an option.

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