• Julianne Hough Debuts Waist-Length Blonde Hairstyle
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    Julianne Hough Debuts Waist-Length Blonde Hairstyle

    Julianne Hough has gotten known for her wavy blunt lob, however she has different plans for spring 2021. After ditching her signature platinum blonde hair for pastel pink, the star is changing it up once more — this time with the length. Hough visited her go-to beautician Riawna Capri, co-founder of Nine Zero One Salon, for a bunch of waist-length blonde extensions. Riawna shared Hough’s new look on Instagram. “After 14 years together, we did it again,” Riawna wrote in the caption. “Another color and style @juleshough has never had before.” Riawna is calling Hough’s new shade “Normally Nude,” and styled the expansions in loose waves. So, if you’ve been…

  • Nutritional Benefits Of Carrot Juice For Vision And Skin
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    Nutritional Benefits Of Carrot Juice For Vision And Skin

    Carrots are nutrient-dense root vegetables with many health benefits. These sweet and scrumptious roots are rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and minerals. Eating carrots is not the only way to enjoy the goodness of these nutrients. Juicing the carrots can be equally good. The regular intake of carrot juice for skin and vision health is supported by a large body of scientific evidence. It may also reduce cancer risk and promote weight loss. Here, we will look into the benefits of carrot juice in detail. Benefits of Carrot Juice Consuming carrot juice can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. It has an important nutritional profile. One of its major nutrients…

  • Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron
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    How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron

    Curly hair looks thick, voluminous and classy. But if you have short straight or wavy hair, you may think that curling your hair is difficult. Actually, it is not! Here, we have a step-by-step guide to curl your short hair. Keep reading to check out how you can curl your short hair with a flat iron! Comb your hair to remove knots. Divide your hair into small sections (2-3 inch) by using clips. Spritz some hair protectant on the first section. Put flat iron at the root of first section of hair and wrap the hair around one arm of the flat iron. Clamp the flat iron shut. Pull the…

  • Trendy Updos for Medium Hair
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    10 Trendy Updos for Medium Hair

    A medium length can set some limits on hairstyle variability, as on longer lengths some ‘dos really look more beneficial. However, you can still buy plenty of gorgeous updos and shoulder-grazing hair that will never let away your real length. When you need to keep your locks off the face and more or less coordinated, Updo hairstyles are an urgent matter for summer days. In addition, each formal event implies an elegant ‘do, preferably a pulled-up style. You’re going to find both here, whether you have stopped in to check on fresh ideas for casual looks or formal updos for shoulder-length hair. So, it’s smarter to take a few minutes…

  • Best Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas
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    10 Best Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

    Braided ponytails of something can be worn. You should wear them to formal engagements, like the wedding of your friend, or to your laid-back weekend trips, like the barbeque of your neighbor. With each occasion, there are braids and tails! Be sure to browse at our 10 ponytails with braids, whatever activities you have coming up, and pick out the right one for you. Loose Ponytail Braids For a really lived-in look, leave the ponytail loose and wavy at the ends. Before you start braiding, make this look a bit easier to accomplish by teasing your hair. Half Braid Ponytail This braided ponytail occupies just half the length of hair.…

  • Stunning Coffin Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

    12 Stunning Coffin Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

    There are lot of different nail designs shared on Instagram everyday yet we picked coffin acrylic nails today since they are easy to wear and they will look chic for any occasion. You can have long nails without the sharp focuses and it is quite possibly the most well known nail design right now. So, have a look on following designs which include French ombre, glitter and more. We have picked the 12 of the most stylish coffin acrylic nails trending on Instagram right now. Matte Blue Coffin Nails These coffin nails painted in matte blue will make a statement and the color will suit everyone. This manicure idea is…

  • Inspiring Flat Twist Hairstyles
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    5 Inspiring Flat Twist Hairstyles

    For African American women for decades, Flat Twist Hair has been a go-to look. With today’s trends, though, these twists have grown into a multitude of spectacular, captivating styles. Neat Flat Twists Since twist trends have been around for decades, it is not unusual to see retro coifs making a comeback for African American women of today. This is one of those hairstyles that have spun their way back into a new popularity surge. Twisted Updo There are twist types that will fit well for you if you choose not to grow your hair long and skip extensions. Go for one that pushes hair upwards, helping curls to freely fall down…

  • Trendy Mohawk Haircuts & Hairstyles
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    10 Trendy Mohawk Haircuts & Hairstyles

    The Mohawk is a top men’s and women’s favorite hairstyle. Originally, it means that the sides of your head are shaved, leaving a line of hair that stretches from the middle of your forehead to the back of your head. The original version of the Mohawk is not used so commonly today, especially by women. We have other brilliant forms of this hairstyle, such as the fauxhawk, which basically has the same idea, but seems even more glamorous because there is no need for shaving. If its short hair, braiding or hair, lifted up in an up do, you literally make your sides elegant. Anyway, if you’re a typical Mohawk…

  • Brilliant Medium Layered Haircuts
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    10 Brilliant Medium Layered Haircuts

    Each woman wants to look feminine and well-groomed, but practicality is seen as the key benefit of our daily hairstyles, taking into account the hectic rhythm of modern life. You’ll find out more about today’s most common and incredibly universal medium length layered haircuts after reading this post. You would be shocked at the variety of hairstyles and colorful solutions that can be achieved on the basis of them. And, of course, you will discover your own universal variety of layered haircuts. What it takes to look chic every day is a few easy rules to understand. Layered Straight Hair The style allows for more fashion potential with V-cut layers.…

  • Shag Haircuts for Gorgeous Look
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    10 Shag Haircuts for Gorgeous Look

    Very few women today prefer to have their braids styled in one-length designs. Shag haircuts look more sleek, sharp and shapely and are easy-to-style solutions at the same time. The quantity of layers and finishes for the edges varies from modern shags. Each thickness and length of the hair has its perfect shag. You should also take into account your face shape and lifestyle when picking a haircut for yourself. Tousled Auburn Bob This shag haircut can boast glossy auburn highlights of envious thickness and inimitable texture. The highest class and one of the latest trends is a shag that is clean and silky across the length and gets shaggier…