Safety Tips for Running
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Safety Tips for Your Daily Runs

Running is the simplest, most fulfilling sport since the dawn of sports. Every culture, race, nationality, and age group participates in running sports. However, unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and accidents do happen. So, here are a few simple pointers to remember to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during their late night, early morning, or basically any time run.

With winters just around the corner, professional or habitual runners will have lesser daylight to run in. Long training hours will have to take place in dark. Hence, this list will some even more in handy.

Gear up appropriately

Whether it is a run around your usual track or a long range, always gear up properly for you run. Just go through this simple checklist to help you stay on track (no pun intended) before you leave your home.

  • Adequate protection against climatic elements (whether to keep you cool or to help you avoid heat exhaustion)
  • Wear a high-vis vest or similarly reflective attire
  • Head out with a head torch
  • Avoid blasting your ears with loud music, if you must wear earphones for the simple pleasure, take one out
  • If your hairs are long, tuck them under a hat rather than swaying them in a ponytail
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The more the merrier

It is always fun to have company, try to have some company when you head out for your daily runs. Here’s what you can do:

  • Ask a friend to join you
  • Join a running group
  • Take your dog along or get one if you don’t already have one
  • Or better yet, just join a gym and go for a treadmill
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Better to be safe than sorry

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. If you or someone you love needs to go on outdoor runs alone and all the above-mentioned options are not working fine with you then here is what you must do instead:

  • Avoid dark and secluded places
  • Carry something for your own protection like pepper spray or a rape alarm
  • Carry your phone with you
  • Always inform someone you trust about your route and timings
  • Experts advise to greet everyone on trails as attackers don’t like to be noticed by people
  • Have an emergency contact on speed dial
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Suite up with some tech on your side

There are some amazing apps out there for solitary runners who like to run by themselves. These apps are designed to keep you in touch with someone you trust by sharing your approx. run time, route, location, and so on. Try one of these many trustworthy trackers available in the market:

And last of all, stay alert out there. Choose your route carefully. Pick a trail that is frequented by people, is well lit and in touch with populated areas. Change your route frequently if you feel anything amiss. And feel free to share anything we might have missed on. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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