• Rivian R1T & R1S Will Have Tank Turn Function

    Rivian R1T & R1S Will Have Tank Turn Function

    Rivian has confirmed the R1T and R1S due out in late 2020 will be available with a unique tank turn function. The feature gives Rivian’s battery-powered off-roaders the ability to perform a 180-degree turn by spinning in place like a tracked vehicle. Rivian announced the tank turn on its verified Twitter account. Tank Turn. Available on the R1T and R1S đŸ™‚ pic.twitter.com/AsRKnFJGWr — Rivian (@Rivian) December 25, 2019 Performing a tank turn requires simultaneously spinning the left and right wheels in opposite directions, which is why there’s not a single car sold in 2019 that’s capable of it. Rivian’s models can pull it off because the drivetrain they’re both powered…