On Friday, Victoria Justice shared photos of a banner that had seemingly flown over the beaches in Santa Monica throughout the day, reading: “I love you Victoria Justice. Will you marry me?” In her Instagram post about the grand proposal, the actor revealed that she woke up to emails asking if she was now rocking a diamond ring. “I got an e mail this morning saying TMZ was ready to break a story about me getting engaged, which is news to me???” she wrote.

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Victoria went on to give her answer to this mysterious suitor, writing: “In any case, until this secret admirer reveals themself, I guess my answer is… maybe?”

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Of course, there’s always the possibility that the banner was meant for another Victoria Justice, in which case, the Nickelodeon star has a message for her name-twin: “Congrats girl! How romantic?”

According to TMZ, the banner flew over the beaches of Santa Monica for a total of five loops. A rep for Victoria told the outlet that she’s not currently dating anyone seriously, so accepting a marriage proposal (and one from a stranger, no less) is probably out of the question.

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But it seems as though the whole situation struck an inspiring chord, as Victoria quipped on Instagram: “ALSO, is this not a great plot for a Rom-com?!” We definitely agree and think that Victoria should get to work penning this screenplay right away.


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